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The Most Efficient Ways to Reduce Workplace Back Pain

Have you ever heard the saying "sitting is the new smoking”?

It’s true, people are sitting more than they have in the past. Our bodies were created to move, not to sit. Most of us work at a desk for more than seven hours a day. Sitting like this can affect your posture and can cause a variety of issues, which can lead to back pain in the long run.

When we are seated, our hip flexors are usually restricted, and we have a forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and tense lower back muscles.

A range of exercises, postural awareness, and ergonomics improvements can be employed to avoid, manage, and reduce pain caused by prolonged sitting. To begin, one must become aware of how they are sitting. Check that your shoulders are back and that your head is in line with your shoulders. Over time, if this isn’t done, this might lead to one hip being higher than the other, which places pressure on the lower back nerves and produces pain.

The muscles that are most likely in need of stretching are the hip flexors, pec major, and SCM. Workouts for each of these muscles may be found in a variety of places over the internet. You may also ask your chiropractor for advice on how to do these exercises.

Two muscles that may need to be strengthened are the glutes and rhomboids.Consult your chiropractor or healthcare expert before commencing any new workouts or stretches for these.

A standing desk or sitting on an exercise ball may be beneficial if your workplace space permits it.

Take walks, get outside, stretch every 30 minutes, and breathe deeply throughout your breaks.

All of these things can help you rewire and re-ignite your brain/body connection.

Remember that our bodies were designed to move. A healthy existence is built on the basis of a strong spine. Get out of bed, exercise your body, visit a chiropractor, and soak up some sunshine.


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